Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pineapple - Phase I

This is a mosaic in progress for a friend's driveway. In one section, she has a thin - about 1/4 inch - stamped concrete "veneer" in a brick design. Water has seeped underneath, leaving a section about 4 feet square that came loose from the thicker concrete pad underneath. I'm creating this pineapple in matte glass tile to go in that section. I'm adhering it to mesh, in oranges and yellows; the background will be shades of purple and violet (my friend likes color.) When it's done, I'll use something strong and waterproof to adhere it to the driveway pad, and grout in place. The second picture shows my cat, Furbaby, who always wants to be where the action is.

One of my very first mosaic commissions was for another friend whose new house had settled, making cracks in several places in the large floor tile. Since it is almost impossible to match new tile exactly with something that has already been installed, she had the idea of little mosaic scenes for each part. We brought in a handyman with one of those hand-held tile saws, and her made random shapes in each area around the cracks. He then cut pieces of luon (very thin plywood) for me to work with. I glued the designs directly onto the luon, fixed them into each cut-out and grouted in place. The second picture shows one of these mosaics. There are about 7 or 8 throughout the house.

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  1. Great idea to lay mosaic where the cracks were. Reminds me of the UK based artist who fills potholes and cracks in pavement with mosaic.