Sunday, August 2, 2015

Venice Show

My first solo show! I'm so excited - bet you can't tell. The Venice Art Center has kindly sponsored a show for me at one of their satellite galleries: the lobby of the Inn at the Beach, a resort hotel. The exhibition will be up through the end of October. I've been able to hang 15 of my bird mosaics - my favorite subject - on several walls. They are mostly the 8x8 ones (though in 12x12 frames, they are a bit more substantial-looking!) and a couple of larger ones to anchor them. At first I thought that traffic would be light, this being summer, but during the two hours or so it took me to hang everything, the phone rang constantly. I guess families have to take vacations when the kids are out of school - namely, in the summer - no matter how hot we think it is.

So if you have some spare time and feel like a little drive, Venice is not that far away. The Inn at the Beach is at the west end of Venice Avenue - it dead ends at the beach. If you have GPS (am I the only one who doesn't?) the exact address is 725 W. Venice Ave. And thanks!