Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Inspiration Fridge

I like to be reminded, often, of the artists I admire and learn from. My fridge features a rotating display of my favorite inspirations. You can see that those who have a way with color are high on my list. Betty Bolivar, whose card on the top middle features one of her unique portraits, is always fresh and inspiring. Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson, whose peacock is middle-right, creates luminous color in her collages. Tom Stephens, just above the water dispenser, is a Sarasota artist who builds layers of texture and color in paintings that I always find engrossing -- they are almost like mosaics with blobs of pigment.  

One of the markers I use to judge artwork is the fact that you never get tired of looking at good art. Naturally I see my fridge many times during the day, and I always get inspired by what I see -- it's almost like taking a class every time I walk into my kitchen.  What inspires you?


  1. Without a doubt, other artists inspire me in both my art work and interior design of my home.
    It is always awe-inspiring to see how many wonderful artists are working their creativity and the variety of styles is amazing. Without the creative spirit, which I really believe resides within all of us, life would be very cold and empty. Music, writing painting, interior design, sculpture, "mosaic" and architecture, are all very influential in uplifting my life.
    Lisa K.

  2. I do something similar on my fridge. I attach the art postcards that artists have sent along with artwork that I have purchased. Lots of Day of the Dead and COLOR COLOR COLOR.

    I'd love to have an entire bulletin board wall of things that I love.