Friday, April 22, 2016

Orange Waves: Part 2

Happy to report that the "orange waves" project is back on track after a couple of months' hiatus due to health issues (so boring!). I recently completed the second of five sections and delivered it to my client.

This section is on the left side of the stove- the one I completed last fall is on the right. It's about 30 inches wide. (Sorry about image quality; I wanted to get a picture before I delivered it to my client.) 

Above the stove, the client decided she wanted something different from waves, so in that space, also about 30 inches wide, I will be creating a breaching whale in black and white. Getting started on that one now. I'm really excited about a new material I'm trying out for this section: it's fiberglass mesh with one side sticky enough to hold a mosaic, but not so sticky that you can't remove and re-position pieces. Magic! Not having to fuss with glue makes the job so much easier. The self-adhesive mesh is available from many distributors; I obtained mine from Mosaic Tile Mania.  

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