Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vincent Finds a Home

You might recognize "Vincent" as the header to my blog, above. He has been patiently waiting on a wall at the Baobab Tree Gallery in Bradenton's Village of the Arts for three years, but he finally has a home. He has been purchased by a couple who travel the country in an RV, so "Vincent" will see the world for a few years before settling down. I will miss seeing his intense gaze when I visit the gallery, but I am confident that he will be much appreciated. Thank you so much, Bob and Nancy!

Now I am inspired to make something in a similar vein - perhaps another artist portrait? Monet would be fun, with the full white beard he grew in his later years. Or maybe I'll try my hand at a Cubist-style Picasso, or maybe even Leonardo. Fortunately, the possibilities are endless!

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